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Chicago Bears Scrub Cap

Looking for a new and trendy scrub cap for your team? look no further than the chicago bears scrub cap! This cap is perfect for any individual's needs as it is single layer and unisex. It is a great choice for any game or while not playing games as it can be easily taken off after the game.

Best Chicago Bears Scrub Cap

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Top 10 Chicago Bears Scrub Cap

This cap is made from 100 cottonlinsreversible cottonlined fabric, with a rough surface finish. The cap is hand-made in chicago, and is a great addition to your bear home! this is scrubi. Biz store for chicago bears scrub cap. They have a variety of scrub cap styles to choose from. The scrub cap is a medical cap that erraticallycloses and eugene davis of the chicago tribune found it "to be a symbol of the team's struggles and the pain that the players are going through. " the scrub cap is also a conscious decision of the team owner, jay yiannasian, to create a medical cap that will keep the cap from becoming a symbol of player frustration. this awesome surgical scrub cap is designed to keep you and your surgical scrub clean and fresh of dirt and blood. The cap is made of durable cotton and is made to keep you in condition during your surgery. this is a skull cap that will help keep you warm in cold weather. The chicago bears scrub cap is a perfect piece of clothing for when the sun shines or snowballs. This cap is a great accessory for any outfit.